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Akshar Forging

Akshar Forging


Akshar Forging Forge's forging facilities are an integrated facility through a concept of 'Single Piece Flow', a concept which is practiced by very few forging companies around the globe.

Press forging Lines

The press forging lines are laid out with the concept of single piece flow to give our customers the best throughput time from raw material to finished product. Akshar Forging Forge's this approach is aimed at giving the best benefit to its customers in the value stream and also enable lean manufacture in tune with modern concepts of manufacture.

Each line is dedicated to a family of similar products within a weight range with facility to quick change of dies to minimize the idle time.

All press lines have dedicated bar shearing or bundle cutting facility followed by an induction heating system through which the billets are conveyed and heated to a set temperature. The billets before entering the forging press are qualified through a three way sorting system for the right temperature, under temperature and over temperature billets. Whereas the under temperature and over temperature billets are handled technically as per their merit off the line, the right temperature billet is fed to the press for forging.

The line is not complete with a dedicated trimming, Heat treatment and shot blasting facility through which the final product makes its journey before qualifying as a sound forging.

Products such as 'Flower sockets, 'Stemmed sockets', fuel injection parts, connecting rods, gear blanks, wheel hubs, yokes, light duty crank shafts are processed in these press lines following single Piece flow concept.

Hammer forging facilities

In Akshar Forging Forge, The hammer forge shops are prepared to be laid out in separate clusters, to facilitate low batch and large varieties. Essentially crankshafts, all types of levers, sockets and ball joint for replacement market, brake parts, non automotive parts, valve parts, toe hooks, chain parts fall in these category of parts.

Every primary forging hammer is equipped with a temperature controllable oil fired furnace for billet heating. The forge shop is supported with a bar cropping section coupled with billet shears and bar sawing machines.

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